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Hi Jim. I'd just like to let you know how well received the presentations were today. All day long I've had staff coming to tell me just how wonderful and entertaining you were and how your messages were so appropriate for our kids. We were all so impressed at how you kept everyone's attention even if it was a million degrees in the gym. Your messages supported our work in character ed. 100%. Thank you so much for your energy and commitment to getting your message across. I'll certainly send out an endorsement for your work on our e-mail system.

Thanks again. Linda Cauchy
School Testimonial

Are you looking for: a school speaker, school assembly speaker or an inspirational public school speaker? Could you benefit from: an opening or closing motivational keynote school speakerů then motivational school speaker Jim Jordan is the right choice for you.
 Jim is an author, motivational speaker and entertainer. Jim has been voted best entertainer 12 years in a row and is certified in bullying by the Dept of health and human services and the mental health academy.

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With overwhelming reviews each and every time I step on stage it's no wonder that I have become the hottest speaker to hit the catholic and public school sector. My greatest asset is that I know how to relate to the students.  I use magic and audience participation as a tool to make my message visual, fun and easy to understand.
Our team has developed presentations on: Career Development, Anti bullying, Leadership, Character Education and much more. I am totally dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact towards student success.
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