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Hi Jim. I'd just like to let you know how well received the presentations were today. All day long I've had staff coming to tell me just how wonderful and entertaining you were and how your messages were so appropriate for our students. We were all so impressed at how you kept everyone's attention even if it was a million degrees in the gym. Your messages supported our work in character ed. 100%. Thank you so much for your energy and commitment to getting your message across. I'll certainly send out an endorsement for your work on our e-mail system.

Thanks again. Linda Cauchy

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing assembly on leadership. Our leadership team has already started to implement some of your ideas. It's so great to see when the money you spend is getting benefits.
Susan Auditrim
School Testimonial

Hello my name is Jim Jordan. Ive been speaking for over 20 years and have written 4 books on bullying and leadership. Leadership can be delivered in so many different angles and approaches. Our approach is called Plug the Tub.

Plug the tub is the understanding that you cannot motivate if someone is demoralized.

How many times do we see students trying to lead others but cannot get what they want out of their teammates because they or someone else has said or did something to hurt and demoralize them.

In our action audience participation Jim will guide them into understanding what motivates and what demoralizes and the importance of getting teammates who are demoralized back on track with the goals of the entire team.

The content is fresh, exciting and very educational. We find that not only do the students love the assembly but the teachers as well.

This assembly is perfect for high school, college and business leaders as well. Give us a call at 1866 333 4553 and well send you all the information. You can also buy the plug the tub book at


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