Character Assemblies Grades K-3

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Living our lives with good character makes us make the right decision in sometimes difficult situations.

The purpose of our assemblies is not all about bullying; it's focused on good character. Bullying isn't the only bad behavior that occurs inside a school or community.

Our focus is on good character, bullying and other bad behaviors are discussed throughout the presentation.

Jim knows how to teach young children simple lessons from repetitive comments and feedback throughout his assembly presentations.

To keep K-3 students involved their must be visual stimulation and audience participation. Our assemblies follow the simple rule ... Keep it simple and be repetitive to lock in that message for years to come.

We also offer in class exercises so you can keep the message going strong throughout the school year.

Our goal with our assemblies is set a solid foundation early of good character not only to create a safe and motivating school environment but also set them up for being good citizens in their community.

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Character Assembly
My son, who is KG hasn't stopped talking about the assembly...made a big impact & I was so impressed at the parent night as well...learned lots & looking very fwd to continuing to learn more & apply what's been learned.
Dawn Perrault