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I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful program! It was a pleasure meeting both of you. The students and teachers truly enjoyed itI could tell because there was lots of positive conversation long after the program had ended. A few students even come to me and some teachers to let us know of a few incidents that were going on.
Steve Valente
Assistant Principal
Marian E. McKeown School

Thank you for all your help in getting this program organized for our school. It was a great day and one of the best programs that I have seen. I have already received many positive comments from teachers, students, and parents. The information presented will be put to good use as I work with the students and parents in our district and community. It was great meeting and working with you!
Thanks again,
Shanda Cerny

It was amazing... he students are trying so hard to earn their superhero tickets. Fill the bucket is great but this program has a good spinoff of the same character principles
John Howard
Assistant Principal
St. Johns School

Thank you for all everything. From the moment we called you to the end was such a wonderful experience. The students and teachers have done nothing but rave about the assembly.
Thanks again,
Kerry Forrester
New Jersey

We cannot thank you enough for the job well done today! I am hearing a ton of wonderful feedback and people were impressed how you got your message across to the K and 1 students as these groups tend to be hard to reach with age appropriate activities. We will work to keep the positive messages going.
Kevin T. Kelly, SDA
Calcium Primary School
Indian River Central School District
I wanted to let you know that Mr. Jim Jordan made an amazing impression on my daughter, Zoe, yesterday! She loved his dynamic, interactive presentation and his presentation was main topic of discussion at our house last evening.
Zoe is generally a quiet child who typically comes home from Kindergarten with one or two details about her school day. Yesterday was quite the exception. Zoe recounted details about his presentation, remembered his name "Mr. Jim", and was able to tell me all about why bullying is bad and what she should do if she witnesses a bullying incident.

My husband and I are thrilled that the important message of Anti-Bullying was delivered to the students in a way in which they could relate to, understand, easily apply it in their young lives.

Thank you to the staff for arranging this presentation, and thank you to Zoe's teachers, Mrs. Pace and Mrs. DiTonno, who brought the lesson back to the classroom. Zoe was very proud of her illustration depicting a sample "bullying incident" in the cafteteria.

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